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Thursday, June 29, 2006 

Draft Recap

Today was what should have been a big day in Toronto sports, as for the first time ever the Raptors had the first overall pick in the draft. Going into the draft, however, the only positive note I could come up with was, "well, at least its not 2000". Outside of that, there is no worse year to waste having the first overall pick in. Or any pick for that matter, as the Phoenix Suns clearly showed by giving away not one, but 2 picks for absolutely nothing. In fact, correct me if I'm wrong, but one of their "trades" on the night was as follows:

to boston:
21st pick (rajon rondo)
brian grant

to phoenix:
paid contract of brian grant (in other words, nothing)

They followed that up by selling their other pick to Portland. You can't help but respect that blatant and open disrespect for the talent in the 2006 NBA draft. And I can't help but agree with their assessment.

That's why when I heard rumours about the Raptors possibly trading the first overall pick and Alvin Williams for Brevin Knight and a second round pick, I couldn't believe the Raptors luck. When the rumour then turned into the third overall pick instead of a second round pick I was floored. There is no one in the draft that can have an impact like Knight is capable of - that being 8 assists per game and one of the best assist to turn over ratios around. Had they made this trade, their starting line could have been Knight, MoPe, Chuck, Bosh and the big man they stole in exchange for Matt Bonner. In the East, that's all you need to easily make the playoffs.

Apparently, though, that ship has sailed as the Rap's showed up at the draft and took the next great European disaster with the number one pick. At least Aldridge could, theoretically, eventually amount to something. This Italian Bargain is probably the 5th best Power Forward in the draft, and just has every sign of your typical draft day bust - as seen in this top twenty list which was assembled by Sports Illustrated before the draft - Top 20 NBA Draft Busts. Of note in the list are the entire 2000 first round, as well as former-Raptor (praise the lord!) Half-a Man Araujo rounding out the list at number 20 - getting the nod over fellow whitey's Darko and Big Country. I wouldn't be surprised, however, if the entire 2006 draft didn't knock him off the list in time, with the Italian Bargain leading the way. I just hope that the Knight rumours weren't true, and that the Raptors aren't forever cursed with Babcocky GM'ing. It's bad enough that the Leafs seem to be these days.

Speaking of which, it looks like McCabe finally signed the incomprehensible 69.3 billion dollar a year contract that the Leafs offered him. I may have stood up for McCabe over and over last season, but not to the point of condoning what they're wasting on him long term. And apparently his contract has a no buy out and no trade clause, somehow, so they're in it for the long run with him. 1/8th of every seasons salary cap will be pure McCabe for years to come. Guaranteed. At least this should put the Kaberle, Steen and a draft pick for the Super Hero of all Super Heros rumour to an end. And that means one less recurring nightmare for me. As these days in Toronto have been going, I'll certainly take it.

By the way, a few draft questions before i go: how do you take that guy first overall, and not end up with the freakiest looking guy in the draft? Does anyone in this draft other than Thomas have a chance at being a superstar? And if so, how did he go at #4? How will PJ Tucker do in the NBDL? Why did Philly pay for Edin? How badly is the Italian Bargain going to soccer things up in Toronto? And if you don't know what that last part means, I'm sure your best guess will do.

Oh, and and one last thing: can someone find out for me if this is, in fact, real - Discovery Channel Link

what happened? i thought you and mccabe were in love. did he man-crush break up with you?

Yeah, it's real Kent. I remember reading a story a few weeks ago that it's also being marketed as a cell phone ring-tone, so only under-20s can hear their phones when they ring. More about it here.

If you follow some of the external links there, you should be able to find an audio file of it online. I know a bunch of sites had it available, I just can't recall where at the moment.

McCabe for Norris? Remember that? I do!

Enjoyed a lot! » » »

That's a great story. Waiting for more. video editing programs

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