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Saturday, May 13, 2006 

National Basketball Hockey Association League Playoff Update

I've been a little bit out of it this week, between getting really sick and failing miserably at working towards a deadline, so I may have missed a few things, and gotten confused many times over. Even in my weakened, confused and misinformed state, however, I still feel it's my duty to explain my views on this weeks events, no matter how out of touch they may be. Hey, maybe I do have a future in sports broadcasting after all.

NFL Expansion Announced for Toronto

In an unexpected turn of events, it appears as though the National Football League announced an expansion franchise to begin playing in Toronto for the 2007 season. Despite claims that the NFL had no plans to expand to Toronto in the near future, it was announced this week that the Toronto Football Club, or FC for short, would start play next year. I had heard rumours of maybe a Major League Soccer team coming to Toronto, but a football team is so much better. 2007 can't come soon enough now!

NBA Pre Playoff Wrap-Up

The NBA playoffs finally got underway this week after a 2 week break which followed the regular season. As expected, and as is customary in the NBA, the 8 teams I said would be around at the start of the playoffs are the 8 teams that are there. Despite this fact, people all over the place were still calling the pre-playoffs the best first round in NBA history. Best ever, and it still resulted in the 8 obvious winners pulling off their series. That's the NBA for you.

The Second Rounds

Western Conferences

Detroit Mighty Duckstons vs Colevelando Cavalanche

Big Ben Ilya has been huge in this series, absolutely closing the door on the Cavalanche. Definitely the most entertaining big man in the game, he never ceases to entertain, and has easily carried half of the team on a sweep to the semi-finals, with the other half sure to follow soon. This series was just over before is started, and currently sits at 6-0.

Miami Sharks vs New Jersey Oilers

With the big man and his little buddy tearing up the league, most people didn't give the NJ Oilers a chance against Shaq Thornton and Dwayne Cheechoo. Those people clearly underestimated the speed of Pisani Kidd and company, as well as the resurgence of once washed-up power forward Sergeince Cartersonov, as they have roared back to make this a series at 4-3. Its a good start if they want to be able to have the fan base to pay for their new $78 billion arena in Brooklyn.

Eastern Conferences

Carizona Sunicaines vs Los Angelas New jersey Metro Clipvels

This one's ugly. Carizona came in as the higher seeds, but still no one respected how they got their, with most people calling the underdogs to win easily. With this series sitting now 5-1 for the favourites, it's easy to see just how wrong we all were. And it's sickening. Actually, I realize now I'm still not ready to talk about this one. It's really just not ever going to happen. I blame that game for being the reason I got so sick. My body just refused to go on after that absolute and disgusting phoning it in. If ever there was a reason to fire a coach that shouldn't really be fired, that game was it.

San Ottawa Senaspurs vs Dallalo Sabricks

The preseason favourite in most peoples books, versus the well rounded team that doesn't get the respect it deserves. If it weren't for Manuartin Ginoblavlat being on the SOS they would be a lot easier to watch, but just one jackass is enough to destroy even the best played games for me. Surprisingly, this series now sits at 4-2 in favour of the team no one gave a chance to win. Once they got 113 points and 7 goals against the supposed best teams in the league, however, all bets were out the window. Look (and pray) for the underdogs to come out on top in this one. The less Ginoblavat I have to watch, the healthier I'll be. And Right now, all I can think about is feeling better again, so I'll take all the help I can get.

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