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Saturday, April 29, 2006 

Tying Up Loose Ends

On a night where the Avalanche failed to tie up a sweep in their series against Dallas, I decided to tie up a few loose ends of my own that have come up in my past posts. If memory serves me, I need to finish off one poll, start another poll, and move a series to the next round. That's the goal, so lets get to it without further delay.

2006 NHL Rucchin of the Year

The people have spoken. With nearly 100 votes received now, the sample size is significant enough now to declare a winner. With 14% of the vote, the second runner up, with no offensive talent and yet 65 points to his name, was Mike Knuble. With 26% percent of the vote, and benefiting more than anyone has from twins since the days of Full House, the first runner up was Anson Carter. That means that not unexpectedly, the 2006 NHL Rucchin of the Year Award winner is:

plus equals

Jonathan Cheechoo.

Mister Cheechoo ran away with the voting, finishing with 48% of the vote in the five man race. Really, though, before the voting got under way there was little doubt who the winner would be. It is not every year that a player manages to Rucchin 50 goals. That's something special, and certainly deserving of the award. This legendary season will now be immortalized forever, and I'll be sure to let you know how his receipt of the award goes. Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2006 Rucchin of the Year, Jonathan Cheechoo.

Miss Sports Blogger 2006

Since the Rucchin voting has now closed, my sidebar would be naked with a lack of polls. For that reason, my search for a new question led me back to my post from April 12. As a fan of the Zany Sports Lady's blog, I was excited to learn that she was nominated by Dr. Blogstein for Miss Blogger 2006. I quickly learned, however, that his award had less to do with her writing, and more to do with the half naked hockey picture of her and her friend that graces her pages. Stuff like that isn't right, because in the sports world it's hard enough for women to be respected for their opinions or accomplishments. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate beauty contests as much as the next guy, but I also appreciate more than that. For that reason, I am going to have my own contest - Miss Sports Blogger 2006.

The main difference is, there will be no pictures or physical beauty involved. I will list the nominees and based on the writing in their blogs, and that alone, you all get to decide who wins the honour of Miss Sports Blogger 2006. Here, now, are your nominees:

Anne Ursu aka Batgirl. If you're into baseball, especially the Twins, then hers is the site for you. Her feminine twist on normal baseball events can be more than refreshing.

Acid Queen over at Sweet Tea, Barbeque and Bodychecks. I must admit, I have a special place in my heart for Carolina Barbeque. If I could only have one food for the rest of my life it would be a pulled pork sandwich off the BBQ. Unfortunately, she openly likes cats, a practice I certainly don't endorse. She's vulgar and opinionated, though, so I'll never let her know that.

Alanah, who is one half of the Vancouver Canucks Oped. One of the funniest sports blogs out there, their pro-canucks point of view is out-weighed in my mind by their anti-Oilers stance. With my feelings on Pronger, that means Alanah is #1 in my books.

Christy at Behind the Jersey. Speaking of anti-Oilers, this blogger is a Red Wings fan through and through. Her claim to fame in my books is her Behind the Blog posts where she interviews other hockey bloggers, A classy move from a class act.

Stephanie the Zany Sports Lady. The Sports Lady knows her stuff, and it shows. She's a Stars fan, though, so she may need a bit of a pick up after their unexpected early exit coming up in the next few days. A vote for her might just be what she needs to keep going right now.

So there you have it, your 5 nominees for Miss Sports Blogger 2006. You know how to vote, so get to it. I'm not sure what the winner will get, but I'm sure it won't be much.

Rawk the Bawl Round 2

The first round of Rawk the Bawl is over, and it wasn't even close. Mike Jones and Young Buck each received one vote, and were the only losers that weren't shut out. This result wasn't unexpected given the first round matchups. It was supposed to reflect the basketball matchups, and the thing about basketball is that the first round is usually that predictable. Round two could prove to be a much closer battle, though, so get your picks in today. The next round looks as follows:

(1) Detroit D12 - www.d12online.com - These guys are solid right through, except for that white guy that's finally gone (Darco) and that fat guy who doesn't get much playing time (Cato). You still see how it relates.

(5) Washington DMX - http://www.nme.com/news/dmx/17307 - I know he's from Maryland, but that's close enough to DC for me. This matchup should prove a lot tougher than the first round cake walk against Lil Bow Wow. Ha, that guy.

(3) New Jersey Redman - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Redman - How High can he go? Only Method Man knows the answer to that one.

(7) Chicago Kanye West - http://kanyewest.com/ - I have a feeling this match up isn't going to go the way that I want it to. I just can't stand the Kanye.

(4) Dallas Chamillionaire - http://www.chamillionaireonline.com/ - Sorry Dallas, but I had to borrow from Houstons hot Rap scene for a lack of any real Dallas presence that I could think of. Chamillionaire may have the all time stupidest Rap name, but he does lay down some mad lyrics.

(8)Sacremento Ron Artest - http://sportsguynorth.blogspot.com/2006/02/dream-son-dream.html - Make a wish, son, if you want to beat Cham.

(6)LA Clippers Hed (PE) - http://hedtheband.com/ - Look them up if you don't know them, they're something. They really are my personal favourites on this list. Bartender was the best song of 2001, and who among us can't relate to Amerikan Beauty?

(7) LA Lakers Run DMC - http://pages.sbcglobal.net/tmoren/rundmc/ - I said this last time, but sadly I'm going to have to say it again since I received emails telling me DMC isn't from LA, and so on. Yes, I know that they aren't from LA, but since the Lakers were unable to buy up aging talent to help Kobe this year, I thought I would do it for them in this medium. Lakers fans need some sort of consolation this year. Now, we have an agreement. No one needs to tell me they're not from LA. Done and done.

ansen carter was robbed, vancouver canucks oped is far superior to most other sites, and D12, Redman, Artest and DMC are the shit. peace.

run DMc
i see a pattern here. a pattern, plus chamillionaire, but i guess he is D'Man!


D12, redman, ron and hed. suck on that vote.

Not a cat person, eh?

Ah well, nobody's perfect.


cats or not sports guy is perfect.
he likes hed, artest and alanah so they get my vote, and he gets my kisses!

i have no vote cuz i have no idea what you're all talkin about

dmx Kanye Tru RunDMC

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