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Tuesday, April 25, 2006 

Dealing With Your Crap

Today I’m going to handle a couple of the questions that people have been sending my way. Today's installment is something that Internet people typically call "the mailbag". As I've said before that’s dumb. I didn't receive anything physically in the mail, and certainly not a bag. But I have received a lot of crap in my inbox, so now it's time to get through some of it.

Was Jagrs Move the Stupidest Move Ever?

I'm going to have to go with no on this one, but only because I can still remember the pain of the Half-a Man Araujo draft like it was yesterday. It certainly is up there, though, because Jagr had the puck at the time, so what could he have possibly been thinking in taking his hand off his stick to throw a straight-arm at the little devil? The whole basis was without warrant, but then he goes on to not only miss the attempted attack, but also injure himself and put an end to the New York Rangers entire season. It's like that quiet kid in class who gets picked on all the time and finally loses it and decides to go after his bullies with one of those sissy punches that comprise the extent of his arsenal, only to inevitably be put in the nurses office as a result. Actually, now that I look at what I just wrote, I change my mind. In one selfish move that he couldn't manage to pull off, he single-handily ended a teams entire season. It was, in fact, the stupidest move ever. He has unseated Rob Babcock. Now that is impressive.

You think the leafs didn't make the playoffs because mccabe got injured?

Surprisingly yes, I think a team that finished 2 points out of the playoffs missed the playoffs because of an 8 game losing streak. I see how that could come as a shock to you, but they just needed to be 1-6-1 in that run in order to be in, and yes I think their most offensive defenseman could have made up that difference.

Did You Get Enough Money To Go To Mark Messier's Leadership Camp Yet?

No, sadly my donation total has come up slightly short thus far. There is still hope, though, so please continue donating money to my cause: The Send Kent to Messier Leadership Camp Fund. Paypal your donations to CSULBHockey@netscape.net. We thank you in advance for your kindness. With your help, one day this dream will come true.

Who Was Your Vote For Rucchin of the Year?

I have to go with the people on this one. Cheechoo is the first 50 goal Rucchin since the good old days. You can't argue with that kind of borrowed success.

When Do We Get To Vote On the 7 Sutherbies?

I must say, I don't understand what this would even mean, but I have already thrown my support towards the King Sutherby. It's Willsie for mayor as far as I'm concerned. Nonetheless, whoever left that comment please elaborate on what you meant. If there is a way we can incorporate the Sutherby's into a vote somehow, I'm all for it!

we love you sports guy! kiss!

OK, I know that wasn't a question, but it's always nice to feel loved. Keep the love coming SGroupiesN!

Why Haven't You Done Anything About the NBA Playoffs Yet?

This is a fair question, I suppose. My coverage is usually spread somewhat evenly between the sports of interest in North America (outside of NASCAR, of course). Lately I have been almost exclusively covering hockey, and some of you are understandably wondering why that is. But it's simple, there is nothing going on in the NBA right now. Once the playoffs actually start next week, then I'll get to paying attention to yes.

The thing about the NBA is that there are always at most 4 teams in each conference with a real shot. Year after year after year the first round is meaningless. I "could" have done predictions for the first round, but the reality of it is that it would have looked like this:

Eastern Conference
Detroit over Milwaukee in 5
Miami over Chicago in 5
Indiana over New Jersey in 5
Cleveland over Washington in 5

Western Conference
Clippers over Denver in 5
Phoenix over Lakers in 5
Dallas over Memphis in 5
San Antonio over Sac Daddy in 5

See, boring stuff all around. I would have probably said something about Artest having to play against the original soccer hero, Ginobli, making it the only first round draw that would have been impossible for Sacremento to overcome. The reason being is that I couldn't get through 3 games against Ginobli without having to elbow him in the face, so I can't imagine Artest making it through 5. As it turns out, he couldn't even make it through one.

To be fair, what went down should have been anything but a suspension. Only the most lethal combination of circumstances could have lead to it. Take one person who the league is always going to be looking for any reason to punish, add to it a soccer player diving through the air and rolling around like he got shot, only to miraculously have no ill effects 2 minutes later, and you have yourselves the recipe for an unwarranted suspension, not to mention the end of the Kings hot run. The only thing that could have made the first round interesting is pretty much over, so back over to hockey I go.

The Sharks? Are You Nuts?

I really don't see why people still can't see that the Sharks are for real. What more would they have to do? They had one of the best records in the league after a terrible start, the had the league scoring leader, the league goal scoring leader, a goalie with a 23-7 record (and the only playoff shutout so far, by the way) and Nashville as a first round opponent. If you aren't seeing San Jose as a favourite, then that sounds like a problem with you, and no reason to question me about this anymore.

Can You Explain the NHL Playoff Seeding?

Well, OK. Here is a basic NHL playoff seeding explanation:

it is not a true bracket, that is to say that you don't know what series your next round opponent will be coming from. To start, the winners of the three divisions in the conference are seeded 1, 2 and 3 based on their points. After that, the 5 other teams with the most points get the 4 through 8 seed, no matter what division they are from. This means the 4th and even 5th seeded teams could have more points than the 3rd seed.

Anyway, as normal the 1 plays the 8, 2 plays 7 and so on. Once every series is finished, whichever team has the highest rank plays the team remaining with the lowest rank. That is to say, if the 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 8th seeded teams each won, then 2 would play 8 and 3 would play 5. That is how the NHL seeds teams in the second round. I hope this helps.

Who Are You Calling A Tramp, You Hoar? I'll Bitch You Down!

I don't think that comment was intended for me, but I can't run the risk of inadvertently being bitched down some day. I am not the kind of person who can handle a bitching in the downward style. So I'm going to apologize to whomever wrote that, and I will try to do whatever i can in the future to stay on your good side. Just please, keep your down bitches to yourself.

Do You Have A Man-Crush On Insert Name Here

Whoever keeps asking this question, please stop already. I don't have a man-crush on anyone. I don't even know what a man crush is, but I'm fairly certain that whatever it is, I don't have it. I do, however, appreciate the rookie season that Alex Ovechkin had, and I think it will go down as one of the top 5 rookie seasons of all time. I also feel that Elias is the reason the Devils are the team they are right now. Neither of these things have anything to do with a crush, so lets just let that go already.

Why Do You Hate Canada?

Another common misconception around these parts seems to be that I hate Canada. People do draw strange conclusions sometimes. I called Vancouver to miss the playoffs in January because the had a borderline team as it was, and then they ran into injury problems. They and the Kings were the 4 and 5 seeds at the time, but it was obvious to me that they were done. It had nothing to do with what country they play in. I mean, you don't see my American readers asking me why I hate America since I said the Kings would miss the playoffs. It's just not a normal conclusion.

As for my playoff picks, saying that San Jose, Detroit and New Jersey had the best odds of winning the Cup instead of Ottawa, Calgary and Edmonton, I apologize. I forgot about the National pastime of blindly cheering for all Canadian teams once the playoffs come around, even if it's your teams normal arch rival. I've never quite understood where the natural tendency in Canadians to do this comes from, but it seems to be ingrained in the entire population. I guess that's why the CFL's popularity has been growing so much in recent years - every year "your" team is guaranteed to win! God bless Canadians.

You Are Such A Closet Leaf Fan

So I hate all Canadian teams, but I'm a huge Leaf Fan. I understand. But to dispell some of those rumours anyway, here is a Best Buy commercial that I came upon over at Chris Young's blog on thestar.com.

Sorry mom.

Are You the Son of Sports Guy

I don't actually know what this question means, so I'll turn it around to you guys - what does this mean? I get asked about Son of Sports Guy all the time, and I never know whats going on. Nor have I ever cared to ask, but enough is enough and now I want to know. Who is the Son of Sports guy, and why is everyone always looking for him?

If you have this answer, or if you have any questions for Sports Guy North, email him at SportsGuyNorth@gmail.com

It looks like the Habs might be proving SportsGuy wrong!!

artest got robbed. it was such a f*cking joke! ginobli is a f*cking idiot. man that annoys me.

you have more than just a man-crush on ginobli!

your reasons to not cover basketball right now dont cut it. the bulls are giving the heat a scare, and sacremento could have easily won their series. the first round isnt just a write off, you have to do something to cover it.

i think you have a man-crush on mccabe too.

i'll man CRUSH all of you if you keep it up ?@!>#?!@>

you are son of sports guy, man-crush boy

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