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Monday, May 01, 2006 

The Alberta Conspiracy

So Angry

So Very Very Very Very angry tonight. I don't know that I can actually write I'm so wound up. I'll do my best, but if I just have to bail at some point then so be it.

When exactly did God move to Alberta? Why did he move there? Was he sick of paying taxes? Is he a huge rodeo fan? Someone tell me this as I sit here with my now void second round Red Wings tickets, dreaming of yet another Wings Av's battle. Voided at the hands of the lowly Edmonton Oilers of all teams. Pisani got 2 goals in under 4 minutes. PISANI. This kind of stuff isn't right.

I didn't see the game tonight, but the highlights sickened me. When we got home I put on the Score channel, and I had to let the result come and go by 3 times before it registered. Chris Pronger was moving on. As I let this event sent in, I flipped over to the Calgary Anaheim game just in time to see the Ducks score, giving me momentary relief. Perhaps I could forfeit seeing a playoff game in Detroit in exchange for not having to see any more series with Calgary's horrible boring play. That feeling, however, was short lived. On the play Anaheim distinctly scored, then after the puck was in a couple Calgary players ran into the goalie, and somehow the ref disallowed the goal and gave a penalty to Anaheim for a play that occurred after the puck was in.

Shortly after I got a message on msn from my parents, who saw that I just got home. The conversation went as follows:

john and donna says: :'(
1G - SSY! says: I am SOOOOO angry :@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@
john and donna says: so you know what I am talking about?
1G - SSY! says: SCORES
1G - SSY! says: yes I effin do
1G - SSY! says: and now the goal doesnt effin count
1G - SSY! says: effin eff
1G - SSY! says: EFF
john and donna says: Detroit is like Buffalo Bills, they fold in the playoffs
john and donna says: on a more positive note....I am back in 2nd place ...one point out of first...
1G - SSY! says: :@:@:@:@:@
john and donna says: well you will have to get tickets for Toronto for next years playoffs
1G - SSY! says: so... angry...
john and donna says: which call do you think was wrong?
1G - SSY! says: in the anaheim calgary game
john and donna says: not watching that game.....what is the score
1G - SSY! says: 1-0 calgary
1G - SSY! says: anaheim just scored, then after the puck was in someone ran into the goalie and they disallowed the goal and gave a penalty... but it was after it was in!
john and donna says: are you cheering for annaheim
1G - SSY! says: I hate calgary
1G - SSY! says: hate them so much
john and donna says: why?
1G - SSY! says: cuz I hate their style of play, and their coach, and their players
john and donna says: imagine a calogary edmonton series is next
1G - SSY! says: :@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@
1G - SSY! says: @:@:@:@:#@#:"23qk;'21
1G - SSY! says: 3
1G - SSY! says: ards
1G - SSY! says: FD
1G - SSY! says: 'g fd' rdo
1G - SSY! says: th d
1G - SSY! says: r
john and donna says: potty mouth
1G - SSY! says: so angry.... so very very angry....
john and donna says: angry is not good
john and donna says: disappointed maybe but not angry....
1G - SSY! says: ANGRY
1G - SSY! says: what if you had leaf tickets for the second round, and they were the #1 seed and then they lost to the #8....
john and donna says: mildly annoyed at best.....
1G - SSY! says: this is dad now, not mom, isnt it?
john and donna says: no.....its ALF
1G - SSY! says: go ask mom that question and type to me her exact answer please
john and donna says: she said she would be PO'd (another potty mouth)
1G - SSY! says: exactly
1G - SSY! says: so mad.

So there you have it, my take on tonight happenings. It's a little bit gruff and unpolished, but I thought that my feelings at the time would best describe the actual emotion brought on by the evening. Anaheim has managed to come back, and look like they're going to force another game, so there is some relief. But if there is a Calgary Edmonton series in the second round, mark my words - it will never be acknowledged on my blog. Not to make fun of Pronger, not to take joy in a Calgary loss, not ever.

Well, now there's Iginla being a selfish ass again at the end of the game. A lovely close to a lovely Calgary game.

Worst day ever.

Miss Sports Blogger 2006

On a hopefully more positive note, I'll close with a reminder to vote for Miss Sports Blogger 2006 in the poll to the right. Alanah got off to a quick start, but a couple of the other contenders are coming on strong. If you want to check out the writing that you are voting on, here are the links to their sites again. Get your vote in today, it's still anybody's game.

Anne Ursu aka Batgirl

Acid Queen over at Sweet Tea, Barbeque and Bodychecks

Alanah, part ofVancouver Canucks Oped

Christy at Behind the Jersey

Stephanie the Zany Sports Lady

I'm sooo sorry Kent...playoff tickets voided!!! That sucks!! Now you can join your Mom in her deep depression:(

no, i still have a devils sharks final to look forward to. plus i can go to a devils semi-final game in either ottawa or buffalo. that's not too bad.

my moms just got nothing.

du du du du du du du du bat girl


Sorry about your tickets, though. =) Look at it this way: you'll probably get another chance to go to a playoff game next year, but how often do the Oilers make it out of the first round? Hardly ever. Let the Oilers fans enjoy =)

i will NOT! i hope the ducks win game seven so the Sharks can destroy the Oilers in round two....


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