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Sunday, April 30, 2006 

Bring Out The Brooms

Elias Watch: To The Max

It's late, and I wasn't going to post today, but then my boy Elias brought his legend to a-whole-nother level. He finished off the Rangers this afternoon with a 2 goal, 3 point performance, bringing his playoff totals to 5 goals and a staggering 11 points in just 4 games. That's nearly 3 times the points as the Rangers had goals in the entire series. And people questioned my calling him the playoff MVP this year, I think those questions are gone at this point.

Jagr attempted to come back today, but left just 53 seconds into this match, bringing an end to the closest he's ever come to trying for an entire season. In one, brainless, selfish moment he put a decided end to the entire Rangers season, and for that he should be driven out of New York. But he won't. I'm sure it'll be the coach, if anyone. Between the questionable use of a rookie goalie just off injury, the bonehead play by Jagr to knock himself out of play, and the legendary play of Patrick Elias, this matchup never even gave the illusion of being a series. Let the brooms reign, the Devils are the first team through the first round!

As it turns out, the Senators also managed to squeak through to the second round today, finishing off the defending champions in 5 games. The champs who, much like Jagr, had someone in Tortorelli who helped to sabotage their cause. Realistically, however, without Khabibulin in net I wouldn't have picked the Lightning to win last season, and accordingly couldn't see them having a chance against Ottawa this season. Some might point to the season he had with Chicago this year and claim that his best days are behind him, but Khabs has always been someone who plays up, or down to his surroundings. If he had Tampas team around him, instead of the semi-AHL squad in Chicago, things would have been very different. But he made that bed himself, so I don't feel too bad for him. Anyway, I had the camera out to celebrate the Devils sweep, and looking around my place I saw a Senators flag and my Khabibulin jersey, so I thought I would throw them on for Ottawa as well, to try to keep things even.

Since I was already taking pictures around my house, I guess I took it a bit further and shot off some other pictures of random things I saw lying around that were sports related. Among them are some steal blades, vintage Leafs schwag, a goalies view, Olympic gloves a Brew, and a bobblehead that you'd expect me to have an enema before getting. There's no reason to put those there, but by the same token there's no reason to be up at 3am taking them. So, enjoy!

devils suck

got home late and drunk did ya? you deserve to celebrate elias' success, i guess. you earned it.

looks like time for a foozball tournament at sports guys house. who's in?

ps - flying V jersey. classy touch.

im in, lol, just let me know where and when and we'll foosball, lol

in that cute picture of you with the brrom your fridge looksl ike your last name is kent?

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