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Thursday, May 11, 2006 

Worst Notes of Note Ever

Sorry about the lack of posts lately, but it will only continue for another day. My Friday deadline will have passed soon enough, and I'll be able to find the time again to properly update you on the world of sports. It's not Friday yet, though, so I have been busy, and suddenly it's 2:30 in the morning. It's late and I'm tired, so you all know what that means by now. It's time for the great nation of Hungary's favourite new feature: Notes of Note. Sadly, however, it won't resemble what you're familiar with. I have no time to elaborate, so it's all point form all the time today, baby!

- I'm sitting here waiting for triple overtime, and I'm loving it. You all have to admit, this game is WAY more entertaining than any Calgary Edmonton game would have been.

- Vesa Toskola has officially become my favourite player right now. I can't even begin to say enough great things about his game, not to mention how entertaining he is off the ice. The league needs a player like this right now, he'll work wonders for them.

- Buffalo up 3-0. Who could have possibly predicted that they'd win the series? Oh wait, that's right, I did.

- Has Daniel Briere always been this good? He was never bad, but he also wasn't ever an elite player. There's no other way to describe him this year, though.

- You'll notice as I'm writing here that there is a certain series I'm not mentioning. My heart, just like a certain teams game, just hasn't recovered from the Game 2 mental lapses yet. Neither of those things likely ever will.

- Lupul had 4 goals in one game to secure a 4-3 overtime win. That's huge. Absolutely huge. I know you're probably sick of people mentioning it by now, but I can't underestimate huge huge and historic that performance was. Oh sure, 4 out of 4 of the goals were either flukes of nice set ups by someone else that my mom could have put in the net, but come on, 4 of them went in. That must mean that he's a superstar, right?

- The longer and longer the playoffs go, the less and less Jonathan Cheechoo is looking like a Rucchin, and the more and more he is looking like a marginal player just trying to stay up with a team by hitting everything that moves for no reason and skating all over the place without a set position. But damn he's really trying his little heart out, you have to respect that.

- Horcoff just scored to keep every series from going to 3-0. They deserved this game, the Sharks barely showed up and just relied on Toskala the entire time.

- The footage of the Oilers cheering and congratulating each other in the hallway on the way to the dressing room is one of the best shots of team elation that I've ever seen. Quality shot.

- Why oh why oh why are the Blue Jays still committed to keeping Josh Towers in the starting lineup? They are far and away the division leaders without him, but throw in his 0-7 record and they are 2 games back. Coaching and office moves on Toronto will never cease to boggle the mind it seems.

- It looks like the Toronto MLS franchise is going to be called Inter Toronto. That's awful. Why did they switch over to European names in that league a couple years ago? Doesn't anyone else miss the New York New Jersey Metro Stars? There is nothing wrong with bringing back the Toronto Blizzard name, and everything wrong with Inter Toronto. Of course, this is the city with great team names like the Maple Leafs and Blue Jays, and a basketball team named after a character in a movie that was popular at the time, so I guess it's fitting. Luckily it's just the MLS anyway, so no one will ever notice.

- Well, that's it for me tonight as my week of punishment continues. So that I don't feel like I'm the only one suffering, here is a clip to let me know some others are in pain too. Good night everybody!

that video you included was just awful, he must have broken his back. its like a train wreck though, i keep watching it and can't look away. so gross.

Briere was the highest scoring player after he returned from injury through the end of the season.

so cute sucking your thumb :)
briere was always my favorite, just needed less clutch and grab to really show off his skills. the league is made for people like him now, and i love it. i cant wait to see him hoist the cup!

what im surprised about it why st.louis' numbers suffered this season compared to last. you would have thought he'd get 120 points in the league the way it is now.

love the sarcasm about lupol there. it's about time someone said that, he's really not that good and people are just going nuts about him

Thanx for dropping by my blog, I have been reading yours for a while now. a few comments
Inter Toronto sounds soooo wannabe!!
Towers couldn't even win againt the KC Royals right now he is at an all time low and i think the mental stuff has taken over
NHL Playoffs have been great and I as well predicted a Buffalo series win against the sens :)

Excellent, love it!

You have an outstanding good and well structured site. I enjoyed browsing through it »

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