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Monday, May 08, 2006 


Today, at the 19:57 mark of the third period, Sports Guy North, aka Kent MacDonald, aka Graham Kent aka Miguel Sanchez, died of a heart attack induced by a case of the worst phoning it in by a defense in history. He was 26 years old.

Melodrama, thy name is Kent.

hahaha, i wondered if you had written something yet. i cant believe you did. you are too funny.

consider that series over now too!

i feel your pain, bro

i'm sorry sweaty, if you need comfort you know how to find me, lol - stacy

sweaty? do you mean "sweetie"? i don't think our friend kent macdonald will be sweating any time soon...

dont be rud, and he can sweat with me any time he wants ;)

it's the shortest post i've ever done, and i check back in an hour later and there's already 6 comments, ha. it's nice to see that you all care so much. you did manage to cheer me up a bit, even if i didnt get sweaty with you, ha.

your kind words are appreciated in my moment of need. thank you all :)

come and get sweaty then, lol. you never replied to my email, didnt you liek what you see? lol

okay Miguel, aka sweaty...at least you still have some life left, unlike us Leaf fans.

ok, there's no need for me to pick up a new nickname, I have enough of those already. And certainly not sweaty, so lets just let that go already..

and i dont know how much life the devils will have left now. that seems like one of those games you just cant recover from.

your devils suck. if only your sharks would start too, then you could go back to your normal writing and not all this pro jersey sharks babble you're forcing on us lately

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