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Tuesday, May 16, 2006 

NHL NBA First Round Summary Points

Sorry for the lack of post lately, but i got really sick the last few days. I haven't even left my bed for a little while. I think I've worked up enough strength, though, to put something together again for my loyal readers. Hopefully it'll make a little more sense than that last Colevelando Cavalanche post, but I make no promises. Anyway, here is my attempt at summarizing the playoffs so far for all 32 teams that made an appearance. I'll start tonight with the 16 first round losers and continue once the second rounds are completed. I thought I could handle it all, but sitting up that long apparently isn't going to happen.

New York Rangers - Jaromir Jagr's selfish and pathetic attempt at being a goon cost him his shoulder and his team their best chance at winning a playoff series in a long time.

Memphis Grizzlies - Oh.... COVER Jason Terry and Dirk Nowitski... we thought you said let them do every single thing that they want to. Our bad.

Denver Nuggets - We got the Clippers in the first round? Sweet, that means we don't have to try. I mean, it's just the Clippers, right?

Milwaukee Bucks - Holy crap, we scored 124 points in a game against the Pistons. Moral victories count too, right?

Nashville Preditors - Take one team whose success relies entirely on a goalie, add to that a series against the hottest team in the league and a pinch of an injury to said goalie, and you have the recipe for a disastrous end to a break out season.

Dallas Stars - Well, as long as the old Jose Theodore doesn't show up and steal 3 overtimes, we should be fine.

Tampa Bay Lightning - three goals on four shots!

Philadelphia Flyers - Buffalo scored 27 goals on us? That will make this years annual using a goalie as a scapegoat much easier than normal!

Montreal Canadiens - Their playoffs turned around in the blink of an eye, so to speak.

Detroit Red Wings - It's not bad enough that they found a way to annoyingly lose to the Oilers, but the Canadian dollar went up so much in the past little while that I actually lost $32 when my tickets were refunded to my account. Punks.

Washington Wizzards - Maybe Lebron does finally have what it takes. No answer for that in DC.

Indiana Pacers - We traded Ron for what now?

Chicago Bulls - Shaq and Wade vs Hinrich and Chandler. That's the first round of the NBA playoffs for ya.

Sacremento Kings - When we brought in Ron, we didn't factor on having to play the Spurs so early in the playoffs. We thought if we did, though, we'd at least get 3 games out of him before he had to elbow Manu Ginobli in the face. We did know he'd get there eventually, though, how could he not?

Calgary Flames - Phew, that was a close one. I love you, Ilya, you are my hero!

LA Lakers - A 3-1 lead and the only guy who can cover Kobe suspended. Kobe can even start playing a little bit selfishly, and we'll still be alright, right? Right!?!?!?!

On a somewhat related note, i was watching the Cavs game tonight and all I could think was that LeBron doesn't actually quite have enough yet. They may have won this game, but taking a low percentage, long shot with 9 seconds left, and 5 on the shot clock in a one point lead wasn't the best move. Somehow this series is tied at 2, and while I hope the Cavs can pull it out, even after winning 2 straight I wouldn't be putting my money on them.

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