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Saturday, July 29, 2006 

#3 - Hammy Bippy

As you can maybe tell from the title of this post, I'm already hitting a bit of a wall with writers block... and that just does not bode well for eventual post #37. In any respect, I'm going to try to power through, and head back to the CFL for a second time already (yikes. I apologize to my American readers who make up like 99.9% of my readership. This is totally my bad.). This story just takes the fickleness of modern sports to a new level. When the Leafs sent Tie Domi packing unceremoniously, instead of letting him retire gracefully, that was one thing. When coaches get fired left right and center, and goalies are blamed for every problem in Philadelphia up to and including an increased amount of gun violence in the city, these are just things that we are used to, and whether they make sense or not have become a part of North American sports.

The BC Lions, however, have taken it to a ho nutta leva, in releasing Antonio Warren. Let me explain. Antonio Warren set a club record with 160 yards on 18 carries in the 2004 Grey Cup. In 5 seasons and 62 career games, Antonio Warren has 24 touchdowns, and 4224 yards on the ground and in the air. Antonio Warren was the Lions player of the year just last season. Antonio Warren missed one blocking assignment, that caused fragile QB Dave Dickenson to have to take a hit. One single hit. As a result, Antonio Warren finds himself unemployed today.

I guess the Lions needed a cheaper option than his close to $80,000 a year that he likely makes. In any event, when something like that happens you really just have to wonder what's happened to sports. On a positive note, though, I can't wait to watch Antonio wearing the old Blue in Toronto soon. Thanks for your fickleness west coast, someone out east will no doubt benefit from it.

So what do ya think of Craig Yeast taking the fall forhamilton after yesterday's game?

i wonder if the Ti Cats can find a new person to shit on every week. they're 6 for 6 so far, i'm pretty sure.

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