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Saturday, July 29, 2006 

#2 - Tour de Testosterone

OK, I knew I'd eventually have to resort to fringe "Sports" in doing 48 posts today, so I figured I might as well get it out of the way early and save big news like the Canucks signing Jan Bulis for later.

We turn now to the Tour de France, and the Floyd Landis "scandal". In case you haven't heard, he tested positive for having high levels of testosterone, something that he didnt test for earlier in the race. If you don't know how steroids and increased testosterone can help you, it is not like in cartoons. You don't just pop the spinach can open and gain muscle mass and strength. It's something that takes months for you to build up an effect. People who claim his one day come back had something to do with it really just don't have a clue. Step up: Dick Pound.

The once highly respected and now highly questioned lawyer from Montreal had the following to say:

"When is this going to end? What is the UCI going to do about it?"

"You build up and create a new hero, and he gets slapped down," Pound said. "It's a serious blow."

Whatever Dick. I think Stephen Colbert definately put all of this best. This is priceless:

Tour de France has a new name....Tour de Farce

you have a new name : Bippy McGee

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