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Saturday, July 29, 2006 

#1 - Intro

The church bells are ringing next door, and I guess that means it's 9am. 9am on a Saturday, and instead of being in bed cuddling or sleeping or whatever, here i am sitting at a computer trying to wait a few minutes to pee. It's not as bad as 6am (good morning Alanah!) but it's certainly not the best way to celebrate your birthday.

Anyway, I have no idea how to start writing 48 posts in one day, so I might as well start with the CFL. Terry Vaughn was presented last night with a trophy for setting the CFL record for most career receptions, and he welcomed the award in tears. I don't know about you, but I find it hard to get emotional about a made up trophy in the CFL. Vaughn feels differently apparently.

Speaking of the CFL, Wendy's Kick for a Million contest is back again this year. After that guy hit the 50 yard field goal last year, I totally did not expect this contest to come back. But I guess they figure there's no way it happens twice. Sign up for the contest at that link there and prove them right.

CFL Scoreboard

Montreal 21, Edmonton 13,
Winnepeg 29, Hamilton 0

good morning... I will be your monitor today! good luck!

Go Kent! Good luck...

haha you have a monitor...Hammy

did... did someone just call me hammy?

You bet your sweet bippy...did you watch the Hammy Ticats game last night....real close game eh ???

13-0 is pretty good the the Ti-Cats, actually. From what I saw of the game it shouldnt have even been that close. Ricky Ray's had no luck this year.

It wasn't that close it ended up 29-0...were you sleeping?

i didnt watch the whole game..... it was a non-close CFL game... i mean really..

I thought i read an article #2 but now it is gone...???

it's not gone... there are three there.

i know, i know, it's early...

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