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Saturday, April 08, 2006 

Rucchin Of The Year Nominations

Rucchin of the Year

As the NHL season winds down, our attention turns to awarding players for their performances during the regular season. I personally like to get this out of the way before the playoffs start, because to me it's a whole new season. Trophies, much like contracts, are earned based on regular season play, which has a tendency to be forgotten once the playoffs are in full swing. It's nice to be able to get the regular season trophies out of the way before the playoffs take over.

That said, it is time to start getting your nominations in for this years Rucchin of the Year. When I had voting for the first half Rucchin I received many write-in nominations and suggestions along with the votes that counted. A lot of those write-in votes, mind you, came along with an unnecessary amount of whining. For that reason, I've decided this time to open up the nominations themselves to the public for the end of season award.

If you have a nomination for the Rucchin of the Year, send in his name, along with a reason for his inclusion if you don't think it will be obvious to me. You can submit your nominations either in a comment on this post, or by email to SportsGuyNorth@gmail.com . Get your suggestions in soon, I want to get the voting under way sometime next week.

Now, for those of you new to Sports Guy North, the trophy I'm speaking of is one that the JF and I give out every year called the "Rucchin of the Year". To help you get an understanding of what the award is about, here again is a definition for Rucchin of the Year that the JF came up with a few years back:


noun: a leach, or parasite. one who feeds off of others, and would be unable to get by in their absence.

verb: to rely on or benefit from others, especially in cases where the subject is unable to fend for his/her self.

examples of uses: can i rucchin a ride off of you?: i don't have a car cause, like rucchin, i suck and need someone else to do stuff for me.

rucchin an assignment: i can't do anything, so i wanna "work with you" and get damn near the same mark as you even though you're doing all the work and i'm just there.

rucchin of the year: the player who rucchins the most over the course of the season i.e gets points even though he sux because he has a good player on his line. last year's <2001> winner: jonas hoglund. previous winners: steve rucchin, kevin stevens.

yo i just rucchined a 64 in that class: i'm a dumbass and would have failed if not for my friend, but some people think i'm good cause my mark looks like i did ok.

rucchin a few bucks for lunch: getting to eat cause someone else has money; much as steve rucchin get points cause selanne and kariya have talent.

he's such a rucchin: he never does anything for himself; he hangs out with other people's friends cause he doesn't have his own, he eats other peoples food, watches their tv cause they don't have cable, borrows cds all the time and maybe give them back, gets a ride everywhere cause he can't drive, etc. most appropriate when he has no redeemable qualities to offer and nobody can figure out why they let him get away with it cause any bum off the street could fill that role just as well.

OK, so you get the gist of it. Now be sure to get your nominations in today for the Rucchin of the Year. Once they are in, I will list the five finalists and ask you guys to send in your votes for the award. And while you're at it, remember to sign the Beaver Tails petition. You guys asked for it, so you might as well take advantage of it while it's there.




agree savard is the one

That clark guy on the capitals

That clark guy on the capitals

straka is jagrs puppet

straka is jagrs puppet

straka is jagrs puppet

the ass, darcy tucker. hes an ass.

darcy tucker? are you gay? thats retarded. ansen carter and fisher in ottawa

darcy tucker? are you gay? thats retarded. ansen carter and fisher in ottawa

Straka, Cheechoo, but first and foremost Savard.

cheechoos good. knubles the rucchin for sure

tucker is right

straka, no contest


carter, tucker, cheechoo, straka and savard are all good choices, but knuble is the runaway


spezza has a LOT of second assists.

J. Stoll, brind'amour and andy Macdonald are the top 3

if straka is then so is nylander. what about zubrus?

hey, the canucks actualy have rucchin candidates on 2 lines: carter and morrison. that must be some kind of record.

keep the responses coming!


it cant be anyone but cheechoo

horcoff, knuble and cheechoo


i'd like to rucchin that hot girl in the australia jersey down there

cheechoo sports guy. cheechoo all the way.

frolov and knuble get a lot of fake points, but what would savard get without his line? a 30 point player im sure.

it's cheechoo's award to lose!

Cheech is one goal away from becoming the first 50-goal rucchin since the Kevin Stevens Era.

thats exactly why hes not a rucchin. knuble all the way!

Some of these picks are retarded. Savard actually has been productive his entire career, not just this year. Carter is an iffy choice too, after all, the Sedins are much more productive this year now that they're playing with Carter. Maybe they're Rucchin-ing off him!

It's down to Cheechoo vs. Knuble for me. Cheech did score 28 goals last year without Thornton, and he's young so he doesn't have as proven a record of ineptness without an A-list playmaker. I'm not saying he's not a Rucchin, just that we don't have a large enough sample to prove it. Put me down for Knuble.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Knuble's also played with Thorton. This year it might be Cheech, but I think Knuble is the most Rucchin among active NHLers.

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