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Thursday, March 23, 2006 

Introducing Mattingley's Matters

Someone said to me the other day that I should think about adding some other people to my sight. Since I'm not a huge baseball person, and with the summer coming and Baseball being the only pro-league running (sorry MLS fans!), he suggested that bringing in a Fantasy Baseball Pro might increase my readership. Or it might kill my blog altogether.

Increase my killing power, eh? LETS DO IT!

That said, below is the first installment of "Mattingley's Matters" by Wobby "Don" Mattingley. Like I said, fantasy ball is his thing, so from time to time when the Bat Signal appears as below, that's your chance to steal some signs and grab some tips. Also, if you have any questions for what to do with your own fantasy team - who to pick up, what order to draft certain players in, and so on - send them in, and I'm sure Wobby will take his best stab at helping you out.

Let all now welcome Wobby to the SGN team, and we'll see if maybe some other people come on shortly. Summer really just isn't my time for sports!

How bout those Blue Birds?

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