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Monday, March 20, 2006 

Too Angry To Bother

My running joke is that I'm always happier when Ohio State doesn't make the tournament, because then I don't have to watch them lose in the second round. They were having a great season, but still I was expecting a second round loss. They got the number 2 seed, but I was still expecting a second round loss. All of a sudden experts were saying they could make the final four, and I started thining it might be different. 20% of the people in yahoo picked them to make the final four, and my hopes even got a little bit up. I was even excited for todays game.

Then, game time...

Halfway through the first, Ohio's down 20 to 10 and my TV goes off. In the end, the Buckeyes end up shooting all of 40%, and grabbing 2 - yes TWO - offensive rebounds. It's so much worse since Syracuse went out even sooner, and now all I have left to do is cheer against Duke (in a conflicted manner, mind you, since I picked them in my fantasy brackets. I did, however, pick Ohio to go out a little earlier than I mentioned in my post last week. I guess my hopes weren't up that high. They just always do this in the end).

And with that, March now officially sucks as much as it always does. I need a new team. I'm open to suggestions*, so let me know now who'll be my boys in 2007. I just can't take any more years like this.

*note* don't even think about suggesting Duke, North Carolina or Carlton. Especailly Carlton. Stuff like that just isn't funny.

cheer for victoria, their the best!

I suggest Carlton

carlton and victoria, huh? wow, clever funny AND original!

4 straight championships, that's not bad

i won 4 straight foosball championships before, by the same token that's not bad either. can't say i picked up any fans for it, though.

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