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Saturday, August 05, 2006 

1 down, 4 to go

Well, despite my best efforts to "tag" 5 bloggers that would surely ignore my challenge, I got my first reply already tonight. And which of the 5, you ask, was the culprit who spoiled my plans? None other than Jim Lang from Sportsnet. He replied to me a few times tonight, and the last time he sent his 5 Weird Things from his blackberry (oh to have the sweet sweet money of a real sportscaster... well, and the talent too... and the looks... and charisma... wait, wasn't I talking about the Langer? :p ).

Really, though, I am impressed that he took the time to answer, and he actually did a really good job of it. For that reason, as I take a break from packing up to head to Ohio for the next few days, I figured I should take the time to post his reply. So here, now, are Jim Lang's 5 Weird Things:

1 - my 2 kids have bigger ears than me. While I freely admit to having the biggest nose in Canadian sports, I have the ears of a newt. Hence my massive sideburns. Distracts viewers from my ears and freakishly huge nose

2 - I am quite sure I love sponge Bob square pants more than my 2 kids. actually Patrick reminds me a lot of Sean McCormick. Aka "the dude"

3 - If I wasn't a sportscaster I would love to be a military historian. Especially the history of world war 2 and the Canadian army's vastly under appreciated role in the liberation of Italy, France, Belgium and Holland

4 - I was born with out wisdom teeth. To many viewers of sportsnet and readers of our website my lack of wisdom has been painfully obvious for years

5 - I don't eat liver. Makes my stomach turn. Mind you I Feed it to my 2 kids. I guess its good for you and they like the taste.

Well played, Mister Lang. So I guess that changes my game plan from finding 5 people who will ignore the challenge to which deadbeat will be the last to reply. That's right, I've 360'd so much to calling the last person to do what I expected them all to do to begin with a deadbeat. They may actually even be put on notice as a result. Or maybe I'll have another change of heart and call the last person left my hero. It's hard to say at this point. What I can do is give big props to the Langer. As a respected hockey and CFL analyst and reporter, to keep up blog entries, keep up with comments, and even play our blogger games with us is very impressive. He obviously just loves sports and everything involved with them as much as we all do. For that he has my respect, as well as my write-in vote in the Toronto Star's Sports announcers survey in the "Best Hair" category. You should all send your votes that way for him too, he deserves it.

Anyway, the JF, Goober, Tank and a couple of special ladies are heading down to Ohio for a much needed roller coaster break this weekend, so you won't have me to kick around until Tuesday at the earliest. Everyone in Canada, enjoy your long weekend, Big Dawg best of luck studying, and don't miss me too much and everyone else just have fun. We'll be back shortly.

PS - I only picked that category for lack of a better labels to start coming back again. I do not have a man-crush on anyone, I never have, and I really still don't even know what it means. I hope all you anonymouses out there get that this time!

langer for mayor!

why are you man-crushing all the time? i thought you had a woman at home, no?

S.O.A.P. countdown = 3 days...

two hours until we see SNAKES ON A PLANE...i can't wait!!

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