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Sunday, July 30, 2006 

#48 A Blogathon Recap

This is my 48th and final post of the 24 hour blogathon, so I'll take this time to sum up what we learned in this, the greatest sports adventure of all time.

Things got off to a rushed start as I introduced everyone to the days activities, and hopefully signed up this years Kick for a Million winner. Stephen Colbert then took over, explaining to us just how big his balls really are. Hammy and Bippy then reminded us just how fickle sports have become, especially in the CFL, which should be the least likely source. We then bid a tearful goodbye to a legend in Andre Aggasi, and I divulged my true testosteronism. While I enjoyed my Boo Berry, I introduced you all the the dorkiest person to ever bother with fantasy sports - and that says a lot.

We then all went on a list vacation, dropping by my top 5 fantasy players, the top 10 Non-Hockey Canadian Athletes (turns out there are only 3), and the top 30 sports movies of all time, with Dodgeball clearly leading the way. I then took a different turn through the Sexuality of women's sports, with lessons about acceptance and compromise thrown in for all the kiddies out there.

We then took the Rucchin award and applied it to other sports, with Jason Marquis seeming to run away with baseball's golden assist. I also shared my big decisions in life that I have run past my long time friend Garth Snow, who is always there to help a friend. A bit of a delay in the action was followed by a rousing description of just why Chess Boxing should be an, nay THE Olympic sport, and a trip back to the CFL looking for a certain Avery clip (still no help on that one).

Through the pain of arbitration and injuries, I was still able to send a shout out to the people that made today (yesterday?) possible, threw a special song in for a special someone, and even got some soccer in there for the fans of the lesser sports. It was a very giving time in my posts, apparently.

We then talked about a team looking to move, and a teammate looking to stay, while time and time again Jamaal goes to a non-Raptors team for basically nothing. Through recapping baseball, and prognosticating Basketball, we learned that staying at a concert longer than you intend to can lead to the worst post ever when you get home (see the Trienta if you don't believe me. I still don't know what that was). After re-grouping, Chucky Barkley got us excited about politics again.

At that point, 11 ball free for all foosball took over most of my train of thought, until we eventually put down goober to a shutout, and then praised him for breaking the colour barrier in that, the greatest of all sports. A post about curling, another ranking next seasons basketball standing, and all in all, just coming to the realization that there just aren't enough good sports in the summer, and we did our best to complain about that fact (oh, you better believe that soccer came up!).

We talked about the best things in sports, and we likened ourselves to Jeremy Burnitz's looping doubles, all the while producing pure gold up until the finish line... which was then moved 10 yards back. With nothing to do in the extra post, and playing under protest, we all prayed for a golden miracle... and a golden miracle we got as always on Sports Guy North.

Sports Guy North - Always gold.

9am. Goodnight everybody!

Your articles were a great read throughout the night ....sweet dreams !

and have a happy birthday!


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