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Sunday, January 22, 2006 

Kobe Drops 81 on Raps

There is only one story in the world of sports today, and nothing I could say about it would add any value. If there is a day where a game ties the combined 3 point record, has the first team to score 150 points and combination over 300 points in years upon years, and this game is completely over-shadowed by another performance, then you know it must be something special. If the over-shadowing is done by an occurance in the same sport, then that almost unprecedented performance must just speak for itself. I was fortunate enough to be able to watch this monster game. The Raptors were up by 14 at the half, but Kobe himself outscored the entire Raptors team 55 to 41 in the second half. All he needed was one bucket from anyone else on the Lakers to complete the big comback. This was one for the ages, and nothing more can be said about it.

This game will also stand as the final nail in the coffin that is the Raptors season. Up to this point, I held out hope for a Chicago Bulls second half run to the playoffs. Games like this, however, are legendary for cutting teams off at the knees. Sometimes you just can't recover from both blowing a huge lead, and at the same time blowing it to one mans record-setting performance. Mister Mitchel, in case you're ever faced again with a man determined to make NBA history on his own, I have a little coaching tip for you; you might want to try, oh i dont know, double teaming him consistantly, see if that helps a bit. Or maybe you just enjoyed sitting back and watching that performance like the rest of us. It was special. It speaks for itself.

"I'm kind of lost for words," teammate Lamar Odom said. "It was a pleasure just to watch him out here."

Considering Kobe took more than half the team's shots, I don't think Lamar had any other choice BUT to watch. Still, 81 points, good show.

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