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Wednesday, January 18, 2006 

Sidney and Indy and Vechky, oh my

More on Crosby

Someone left a comment on my last post, in response to my saying that Crosby isnt getting the treatment that Gretzky got because he's not getting the same kind of protection. They mentioned that Andre Roy played for the Penguins, as he is then their McSorely stand-in. But Roy himself embodies my point, for he hasnt even played a total of 60 minutes on the season yet, and has only dressed for 15 games. Even if he is their "McSorely" type, he is not being used in the same way. Marty took a regular shift with Wayner. The league today in no way resembles that. If Roy is Crosby's assigned protector, then no wonder he's having to do battles for himself. Andre's put out a whole 3 minutes a game, in one out of every three games, and I would wager baring a line change overlap a total of 0 of those minutes on average are played with Sid. He's on a team with both no other talent or effort worth defending, and with no body there who can stand up for their star. And this is not the way to introduce Crosby to the league. It is not beneficial for anyone involved.

The Leafs and Pens should find a deal involving Domi and either Transtrom or Palffy that would benefit both sides at this point. If Crosby was on a line with Domi things would change. His production would go up, his penalty minutes would go down, and the team would definitely not do any worse. At the very least it would give Crosby some space to get used to the league in. And Domi has enough actual talent to go with his physical play to keep up with Crosby likely better than Marty did with Wayne. It's a combination that needs to come together if the Penguins are going to be building something for the future. This season's a write-off, they have to do something for Crosby's sake. He is their only chance at a future, and needs to be treated as such.

Weekends Football Recap

So I went 2-2 last weekend in picking against the spreads (157-107 on the season now), and considering that the Pats and the Colts both lost, I can't imagine many people doing much better. I did get the Denver pick right, however, it was actually Carolina that burned me. It was hard to imagine Chicago losing at home to Carolina, and I'm still not sure how it happened. There's only one guy who they couldn't cover, and that cost them the game. Don't look for a Carolina surprise three weeks in a row, though. The run ends now with a Super Bowl birth for Seattle. I wish I still lived there so I could be a part of that excitement. If ever there was a city that gets caught up wild on a bandwagon, it's Seattle. it must be nuts out there right now. I doubt anyone there even notices that the Sonics have fallen from division champions last year, to 13th in the conference. If all you can do is rely on a 3 pointer to win you games, the bubble is guaranteed to burst at some point.

The Goal

I'm sure you've seen it by now. If somehow you've been under a rock the last couple of days, you HAVE TO see it. Here it is : http://boss.streamos.com/qtime/capitals/quicktime/011606_ovechkin_p3g6.mov

I can't even put any words to that goal, I would do it no justice. But I will use it to roll into my topic that I will cover tomorrow; my mid-season picks for the NHL awards, as compared to my picks before the season started. There is no question at the half-way point who the rookie of the year is, and he showed a great example of it on that play. This kid has more than lived up to the hype that he gives himself. I shudder to think of what he'll be able to do when someday he has someone on his line who actualy knows how to get him the puck. That will be sick. And I will be waiting for the day. Before the season started I picked Crosby to easily win the rookie of the year award, mostly because I assumed the talent that Pittsburgh brought in along with him would be enough to give him an edge over Ovechkin. As it turned out, both players have been hung out to dry on their own, and Ovechkin is clearly more able to adapt and play alone. Would Washington even have a win yet this year without him? Of course there'd be some here and there, there always is, but it's impossible to imagine how they would have happened. Rookie of the year, and a top-5 MVP pick. Hands down.

Elias Watch: 6 games, 11 points, 6 wins. At this point I'm thinking about getting Hepatitis myself to try to get my career going again. He is easily showing that he is one of the 3 most talented players in the league, and I think at this point that would be impossible for anyone to deny. The Devils have yet to lose since Elias' return, and have shot up the standings into a 6th place tie with the Maple Leafs. Speaking of whom, word today is that McCabe's minor groin strain is actually a tear. This is horrible news for Leafs fans. There is a reason why I was saying McCabe is the hands down MVP in the league - because the Leafs cannot do anything without him. So far 3 games, 3 losses and 1 for 7 on the power play against Vancouver, and 1 for 6 against Colorado, with a Phoenix loss in between. Toronto was 4th in the league on the power play, and it had everything to do with McCabe. Without him its hard to imagine even a .500 record in Toronto. If it's a serious tear then it's time to phone the season in. Sorry Mom, I know you don't like the sound of that, but try to stay calm. At least the Devils are going to have an easier time holding onto a playoff spot now.

The Roy comment was purely tongue-in-cheek. I despise him and wouldn't mind seeing him banished to the UHL (if that league still exists).

I agree with Ovechkin for RoY (ha!) but Svatos is having a great year also with far less ice time. Imagine what his production would be like with 19 minutes of ice time instead of 14!

I think that was my exact arguement for Svatos' case that I wrote in the Colorado section of the mid year recap. The difference between him and Ovechkin, though, is that Ovechkin dominates the games he plays in. Adding 5 more minutes to Svatos' time wouldnt add too many points, since they wouldnt be power play minutes, and thats where he does most of his scoring. He's probably about #5 in the rookie race, but would be the clear winner in any other year.

I'm not giving up on the Leafs yet Graham. I hear that McCabe doesn't need surgery so maybe he'll be back before we know it! Too bad about Palffy retiring..he would have looked good in a Leafs uniform

0 for 4 so far, and now a home and home with Ottawa to go 0 for 6 without McCabe... you still not ready to quit?

and 0 for 6 it is.....

I congratulate, very good idea

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