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Wednesday, January 11, 2006 

NFL Playoff Week #2

Well, here we go again. In the first week I went 2-2, with one loss in a game that could have gone either way, and another in a game I clearly underestimated. My record on the season has fallen to 155-105, and hopefully that'll improve this week.

Seattle -8.5 Washington

This game should be about a 7 point win for Seattle. The spread people did a good job of making this one tough to pick. It's hard to see Washington in a double digit loss. It's also hard to see Seattle not blowing out a team in it's first playoff game. This is tough.

Washington has a win against Seattle already this year, but they are going to be a tired team coming off a gruelling win last week. Their offense really didn't show up last week, and was saved by an outstanding defensive performance, and a team of miscues by the Bucs. The same performance will no doubt result in a blowout against the Hawks. With the offensive firepower they have, even the best defensive performance won't be enouigh to hold them back.

I really think this one will end up 34 to 27, but it's hard to pick against Seattle in a situation like this. So I'm going to relunctantly pick Seattle to cover the spread because there's a 50% chance this one isn't even close 10 minutes in.

Denver -2.5 New England

I got burned by New England last week, and it just may happen again. The Pats went out of their way in the first half to get upset, but a very nervous looking Jags team refused to take advantage of it. The Pats did nothing, but were outdone by the less than nothing put up by their opponents. You cannot expect the same from the Broncos.

Denver took their matchup 28-20 back in October, and I see about the same result in this one. Take the Broncos to cover, and if you disagree feel free to call me a dumbass. I just might be. This is the only game that is going to be close. Enjoy it, then wait for the 2 amazing games next week.

Indy -7.5 Pittsburgh

The Steelers looked AWFUL in their win last week. Anyone who saw the game knows exactly what I mean. Without that one interference penalty in the 3rd quarter I think the Bengals hold on against fatigue to win the game. But that's not how it turned out, and now we're forced to watch a game in with the Colts absolutely tear apart a team that is a few pieces of the puzzle away from being able to make a real run at the Bowl.

Unless there is a fortunate 1st quarter tackling into the QB's leg, this one is a laugher. The colts are too fast, and the Steelers short offense just won't keep up. Indy by 14 at least. Unless you're a die hard fan of one of these two teams, I wouldn't even bother watching.

Chicago -2.5 Carolina

For the first time ever I am taking all the favourites to cover the spread. The Bears offensive line, and the Panthers defensive line. Enough said. Chicago by 10.

Changing Gears

While we're on the topic of football, if ever a guy was born with the label "CFL Experiment Gone Wrong" it's Marcus Vick. That is unless an upcoming conviction keeps him from being able to leave the country.

Onto hockey, there were 7 goals in the Leafs Canucks game last night, and the scoresheet involved Khavanov, Kilger, Steen, Cooke, Ruutu, Sedin and Burrows. Interesting times for a lot of big names in those places.

Elias watch : 4 games, 4 wins, 8 points

Mogilny watch: Inexplicably cleared waivers, and has been assigned to Albany of the AHL. 25 points in 34 games may not be up to par for Mogilny, but it was in severely reduced ice time. And it's certainly not worthy of being demoted. Someone needs to remind them that Marshall, Pandolfo, Rasmussen, Pihlman, Tallackson, Janssen and my mom are all on the roster. If I was coaching this team and I found out Mogilny had killed my father and bedded my wife I may drop him down to the third line. For the first 10 minutes. There is only so much Elias can do on his own.

Koskie watch : I'm not sure I'll ever be ready. JP, you more than dropped the ball on this one. And you're supposed to be the reliable GM in Toronto!

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