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Wednesday, January 04, 2006 


So the JF had this to say about the Mario, Favre, Rocket article I posted yesterday:

"i think that there's a strong chance that skip is retarded. "

A little blunt, but at least he caught the angle I was posting it under. A lot of people missed that.

Anyway, I promised a copy of the email exchange that started it all, so here it is. It's mocking of me and everything in tact, like I said I do respect the guy for taking to time to answer for real.

I just noticed now how the tie breakers are done in the contest. Whoever set them up clearly has a lack of understanding of both the NFL and what would constitute a fair tie breaker. Firstly, success later in the year at the cost of earlier sucess is not impartial, nor is it a fair way to determine who performed best. This is especially true in the NFL where the last week of the season yields very few true games. Teams for the most part know their positions, or only one team in the game has anything riding on it. The outcomes are hardly ever> reflective of how they should be. As such, being correct in the final week is more a fluke then a show of talent and should not be the first tie break. It is highly unjust. I dont really care that it has cost me whatever the prize was, but the fact that I did better than the people I was tied with up until the final week should be the tie break, not the other way around. I would wager that my picks were the most consistant, as i was 7-9 one week, and was over .500 against the spread in every other week. How many people can say that? If nothing else you should at least offer me a position as a sports prognosticator, because this is nothing new. Football is also the sport I know the least about. Everyone loves "the sports guy" on espn.com, but I could easily do a better job than him at his own game. I am highly opinionated about all sports, and I would do it for free since it's all in my head anyway. I predicted the vezina winner the last 3 seasons before the seasons started. When tampa was in last i predicted they'd both make the playoffs the next year (done) and win the cup the year after that (done and done). I even said pujols would be the MVP year after year back before people knew that his name was worthy of laughter yet (days and days of laughter for some people who will thus far remain nameless). Anyway, the point is I know my stuff, I write well and fast, and I'm willing to work for free. That is on top of the main point that I don't take to losing very kindly, even when I didnt want the prize to begin with. But to lose in a tie breaker with no sports merit is beyond bareable. So just pass this on to someone who is willing to give me a chance and we'll call it even. Because that tie breaker is definitely hard to swallow. As hard to swallow as the opinions of most sports writers online today.

It happens every year.....I get an email from the person who "loses" the tie-breaker...complaining how unfair it is......it's a tie-breaker..it's used to break ties....somebody is going to win...somebody is going to lose.....the bottom line is that it breaks the tie....it's FAIR..and it's easy to understand.I like the fact that if someone makes a big move the last week and the top people choke....that person can make up ground and win.Your argument regarding the last week and teams not caring is way off base.....you moved into contention with an 11-5 score in week 16....which was much the same as week 17....so let's forget about that.Most pools use the Monday night score to break weekly ties..is that stupid too?If you'd won the tie-breaker, I wouldn't have heard from you.....too bad you didn't email earlier in the contest and brought up your concerns....it would have given your argument at least a touch of credibility. I think you were .500 or 1 game below a few weeks there....that's what cost you the win....you were around 60% for the year.....that's better than most people can do.....it's one year though......can you do it every year? If you can I hope you bet.If you are so good at predicting these things...I would start your own website and sell your information. You are better than the guys I listen to on the Fan590 on Sunday mornings. ..as for a job....I have no say in that...you'd have to email Sportsnet and ask them....I just run their contests for them....although if you watch their hockey panel...I think they already have enough opinions already with Nick and the boys!

Yeah, I know, he trashes me. But I still respect his opinion. If you want help promoting your website, or if you want to set up a massive pool like sportsnet runs, I would recommend these guys anyday. The guy who replied to me can be contacted at rich@blastpromo.com, and their website is http://www.blastpromo.com/ffz/ . Much respect from me to them, for the comments and for the well run pool. They had a little problem sorting the standings at times, but otherwise very well run, crisp and concise layout and overall an excellent score.

I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you! »

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