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Sunday, July 30, 2006 

#35 The Rant Post

OK, so 2am seems like just about the time to be ranting about sports things that bother me. At the top of that list would have to be the lack of sports that are watchable in the summer. Of the big 4 North American Sports (NFL, NHL, MLB and NBA), only baseball exists in the summer months. That kind of monopoly of the sporting airwaves is rediculous... and unnecessary for that matter. Why exactly is Basketball a winter sport? It's clearly not. It's in the summer Olympics. It's played on playgrounds in the summer. So how exactly did they decide that as a professional sport it should be played from November through June. Is it just to line up with when school is in? I dont get it, and it's not fair to us sports fans out there. Baseball and Tennis and Golf and Car Racing just does not do it. And there's no reason not to have basketball in the summer. It's the whole reason sports channels started picking up poker and spelling bees and so on in their coverage. There's just nothing else to bother with in the summer. The problem is, now, that people got into those lousy year round games, and they end up staying on the sports channels into the good sports season. That's such a waste of time at that point.

One thing that could make the summer a bit better, is if they turned soccer into something good. First off, obviously, diving has to go. A red card for every diving incident. Then there's the whole if you fake an injury you have sub off. That would be key. Unless the implemented one thing that would definitely improve the game - allowing infinite substitutions. people would have more energy to spare, so there would be a lot more challenges on balls and a lot less sitting around waiting for things to happen. There are so many places to go from there, but maybe instead of fixing something that's clearly broke, they should bring back something that isn't - SLAMBALL! Slamball was easily one of the best sports of all time. I'm going to look for a video of the time the guys foot fell off playing slamball, but until then just enjoy the clips that I did find. Certainly a sport that needs to go mainstream. If people gave it a chance, it would be gold.

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