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Sunday, July 30, 2006 

#33 Golf Again

So to throw back, yet again, to the sex appeal in sports posts from much much earlier today, my attention turns to TSN's coverage of the LPGA Evian Masters. The headline says "Webb upstages Wie at Evian Masters", which is a nice attempt at avoiding the sex appeal issue in womens sports... on the surface. In reality, though, Webb won the masters and couldn't even get a headline to herself. The first sentence in the article is then also about Michelle Wie. That's kind of ridiculous. If I wont the Masters, I would hope I could at least steal the headline to myself away from some jailbate. But that's just me.

Laura Davis finished tied with Wie, but she wasn't playing in a skirt, so you won't see her mentioned until later on in the article. There are even more quotes from Wie in the article than from what's her name that won.

And that, right there, explains where women's sports are at right now. And since they've all see the money it generates, it is never ever going to change now. The outfits will just get skimpier and skimpier. Is that a good thing?

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