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Saturday, July 29, 2006 

#19 - Rios and Tanto

Blue Jays fans were happy to see Alex Rios return to the lineup last night, and even happier to see him help lead them to victory with a couple of key hits. He did, however, boot a ball in right field that he would normally have gotten to, and also looked like there was no power at all to be found in his very slimed down arms.

Rios developed a staph infection after fouling a ball off his leg on June 27th. They are claiming that he only lost 5 pounds due to the infection, but anyone who saw him taking batting practice early last week knows that a lot more came off. He still looks much more than 5 pounds under weight.

It is great to have their best player back in the lineup, but it's going to be at least a month by my account until he's close to where he was in June. As long as he keeps hitting the holes in the meantime like he did last night, though, then it's still great to have him back.

The Blue Jays improved their record to 57-46 with the win, but looked to be primed to fall to 57-47 this afternoon (evening? I don't even know anymore!).

Speaking of the tired confusion that is the Blogathon, this one goes out to Alanah at Vancouver Canucks Op Ed. Here is a much better version of the song that you posted in your 18th charity post of the day. Much, much better, ha. I guess it does out to Tank and Mrs. Tank as well, since they didn't know this dance before ;)

God, I can't believe you found another version of that song. What's the world coming to??!!


hehe... nice... hahaha...

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