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Saturday, July 29, 2006 

#18 In Arbitration

Here is a list, so far, of players in the NHL who have been awarded money in arbitration cases:

San Jose: Mark Smith - 1 year, $700,000
Pittsburgh: Ryan Malone - 2 year, $1.375 million per
Anaheim: Vitali Vishnevski - 1 year, $1.55 million
Florida: Jay Bouwmeester - 2 year, $2.175 million per
NY Islanders: Mike York - 1 year, $2.85 million
Chicago: Kyle Calder - 1 year, $2.95 million
Buffalo: Daniel Briere - 1 year, $5 million
New Jersey: Scott Gomez - 1 year, $5 million (a big thank you Patrick Elias!)

That said, I would guess that 100% of the players that settled prior to arbitration are kicking themselves at this point. These awards are ridiculous. There is no way the Sabres are going to pay Briere $5 million a year, and the Devils with their lack of a capologist wouldn't be able to fit Gomez in for that. $3 million for Mike York? I could do what Mike York does. It's all misplaced, and someone really needs to step in. I'm sure something will be different next off season. It has to be.

Players Remaining:

Boston Bruins - David Tanabe Aug. 3

Buffalo Sabres - Maxim Afinogenov Aug. 3, J.P. Dumont July 31, Paul Gaustad Aug. 2, Adam Mair Aug. 4

Chicago Blackhawks - Jim Vandermeer July 28

Colorado Avalanche - Brett McLean Aug. 4

Nashville Predators - Scott Hartnell Aug. 4

New York Rangers - Adam Hall Aug. 2

Phoenix Coyotes - Mike Comrie Aug. 4, Ladislav Nagy Aug. 4

Pittsburgh Penguins - Dominic Moore Aug. 2

Washington Capitals - Matt Pettinger Aug. 2

Right, so...here via Blogathon's surf thing, and I'm not posting from my (totally boring for a non-Sharks fan) hockey blog for the 'thon, but I saw this and just wanted to weigh in. And..uh..hi and stuff! :)

Smitty's agent says that he was awarded somewhere between what he was asking and what San Jose was offering, so it sounds like it worked out well enough there. He's a favorite in our house, so we can't complain too much about it. I'm really glad they managed to sign Bell before his hearing.

I agree that some of those arbitration awards seem silly, though. Wasn't it Tanguay that the Avs said a big 'no thanks' to?

yeah, obviously Smith wasn't one of the problem awardings... in fact, his kind of made all the others seem that much worse in comparison. And they are lucky to have signed Bell beforehand, he would have gone for a lot more apparently.

Thanks for stopping in to say hi. it's 2am already out East here, so I need all the encouragement I can get to keep going :)

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