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Monday, February 13, 2006 

The Watches Watch

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Elias Watch

18 games, 21 points, +7 and 13 wins. A tough loss to the Islanders to close out the pre-Olympic season, the Devils are still looking like a top-three contender in the East heading down the home stretch. If only they’d call Al-Mo back up to make it a real run. Mogilny doesn’t get much credit for it, but if anyone has watched Alex play in the playoffs he is one of the strongest defensive forwards in the league when it counts. If you don’t believe me, I hope the Devils do get to bringing him back so that you can see for yourselves. He’s good for a point a game, and strong defense in the playoffs, so how he can be rotting in the minors is beyond me.

Mogilny Watch

After missing some time, Alex came back and got 4 points in 3 games with Albany in the AHL. He then followed it up by again not playing in the Rats last game, and I’ve yet to hear a real explanation for his erratic play schedule. If anyone can get me a reasonable story about what is going on with Alex I would really appreciate it. Speaking of which, I’m still waiting for a Zarley Zalapski update. You guys really just aren’t following up on things properly for me anymore. I’m expecting something on one of these issues ASAP!

Antonio Watch

The Raptor’s were up 85-59 after the third quarter, out-rebounding the Blazers 35-24 at the time, and won in the end by a 114-81 count. I don’t remember the last year where they had such an advantage in a game on the boards. The Raptors are looking very good since Antonio’s return, and although AD’s numbers haven’t been huge, his presence has been. Not just his physical presence under the net that swung the game early tonight in the Raptors favour, but also his effect on the rest of the Raptors. The team is clearly trying harder, and is taking a much more serious approach to the game. Since his return the team is 2-1, and even in the one loss they put up 118 points against the Spurs. That is the most points they’ve given up all year, and only the fifth time they’ve given up more than 100. The Raptors are still an exciting team to watch, and AD’s return has helped bring in the focus they need to take it up another level. Although only 5 ½ games out with 31 games left, they’d have to leap over 4 teams and probably go about 20-11 from here on to have a chance at the playoffs. It looks like a case of too little too late this season, but sheds a lot of hope, for the first time since Vince graduated, on next season’s chances.

White Guy Watch

The Celtics won a close one tonight to temporarily stay 1 game ahead of the Raptors in the standings. This will surely fall as the trade has just destroyed what used to semi-resemble a team in Boston. That said, I’ve gotten plenty of suggestions now for whom you’d all like to see in an all-white guy dunk contest now that the Birdman is unavailable.

I’ve narrowed it down to ten candidates who are as follows: Dunleavy, Z, Half-a Man, Darko, Dauber, Zaza, Mehmet, Nenad, The Scalab and none other than Scott Padgett himself. A pretty formidable group, as you can see. Now, we’ll decide the final 5 and the overall winner by the poll that follows in the right column. Also, if you have a favourite from the group, feel free to submit a comment or email with a description of the dunk your big man would throw down to win the competition (or his big miss a la birdman, if you’d prefer). You never know, there may just be a prize in it for the submitter of the best dunk, so get those votes and suggestions in.

Olympic Watch

In the thrilling world of the Olympics yesterday, some events were held, some teams in women’s hockey were blown out and some medals were given out in some events. And so goes the next couple of weeks. For now here is a recap of how the North American teams medalled for the day:

Canada: Cindy Klassen, Bronze medal in 3,000m Speed Skating
USA: Daniel Kass, Silver Medal in Men’s Halfpipe Snowboarding
Shaun White, Gold Medal in Men’s Halfpipe Snowboarding

Groin Watch

Hopefully the groin watch is on hiatus for the Olympic break. The last thing an NHL team needs is one of their multi-million dollar commodities going down in a virtually insignificant tournament. So I’m going to put the GW to rest, for now, and hopefully for a few weeks, knock on wood. But stay tuned…

While not much info on Double Z. It looks like he was still trying to play over in the Swiss league for Rapperswil-Jona but is No longer on the active roster. Source

Enjoyed a lot!

Keep up the good work here

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