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Wednesday, February 15, 2006 

The Luge Post

2 Man Tragedy

Well, this isn't the type of thing you want to see. Literally. Today's 2-man luge went off full of hitches, notably among them was a crash involving favourites Brian Martin and Mark Grimmette from the USA. As if it's not bad enough for the men to have to jiggle and bounce up and down on each other as they race, these men, among others, had to scrape along the ice at the same time as a few sleds flipped as the day went on. Luckily Martin was there to break Grimmettes fall, while at the same time Grimmette was able to break Martin’s fall, as you can see in the following pictures. The pair lucked out as such naturally occurring padding can't be found in any other sport.

So, did anyone else attempt to watch this event, or was it just my 2-minute shot at it? What brought my watching to such a quick, abrupt close you ask? The replays. And no, I don't mean the replays of the crashes that sent one man to the hospital with a head injury (I guess only Americans provide the ample cushioning that goes along with the Fast Food way of life). Rather, it was the close up, slow motion replays of the normal runs down the course. This event is even worse than I imagined. If you've managed to avoid these slow motion jiggle fests then try to keep up that trend. I can't even put it into words. Nor do I want to. Nor should anyone want to. But it is over now, and 4 more years will pass before I sit through another run. I wonder how long it'll be before they have female luge pairs. Judging by the female luge medallists on the right, this is a luge event that may warrant some viewership. And these are even the German women. Congrats to them!

The JR and the AD

2 minutes into the game, Jalen found himself with 3 fouls, sadly taking his impact out of the rest of the game. I was looking forward to seeing a real battle between Jalen and Mope as the Raps extended their winning streak to 4, as well as 7 of their last ten. The Raptors did their best to let the Knicks run away with this game, but, as it turns out, they’re the Knicks, and they barely hung on for the win. Loren Woods even got non-garbage minutes against them, it what now looks like a majo under-estimation by coach Sammy. The only thing I can really say about this Knicks team right now is that it’s nice to see Larry Brown struggling. I really don’t respect his move to New York, and I love watching it blow up in his face.

On the other hand, you have to feel for Jalen this season. He had to suffer through the Raptors 1-15 start to the season, and just as the team was turning it around as one of the hottest teams going into the all star break, he is traded to a team that is now in a 1-16 run. He is a great player, and model athlete off the court, and he deserves to be in a positive situation for the first time in years. Hopefully good times will find him again, he is very deserving.

Darko and Carlos and Kato

In a big O deal, Darko and Carlos Arroyo went to the Magic tonight for Kelvin Cato’s expiring contract and a draft pick. That is the value that the second overall pick in a draft that included LeBron, Carmello, Wade and Bosh. This is officially the worst draft pick in the history of the league, knocking the Half-a Man pick out of the top spot. Ignoring the fact that the pick never made sense for Detroit, as a big man is the last thing the Pistons needed, he still very obviously had less talent than a few people taken after him who would have fit in positionaly. Could you imagine how dominant the Pistons would be right now if they had Wade in the mix? But now the Darko experiment moves in alongside the Francis experiment, which followed the TMac zone defense experiment, etc. The days of Shaq are long gone in Orlando, and bringing in Darko is not going to do much to change that. Those of you who hurried into your leagues and picked up Darko on news of the trade must have never seen any of the garbage minutes that Darko put in over the last few years. He is not good. Could he be good if he played consistently? I don’t know the definite answer to that, but I have a guess. Nonetheless, he hasn’t played consistently, and he isn’t about to jump in and play 20 minutes a game now. He still has no fantasy value, and in case I had to point it out for some reason, neither does Kato. This trade does nothing but close out the only sore spot on the Pistons front office in the midst of the wonderful work they’ve done over the last half-decade building the strongest team in the East. The Darko minutes, though, were the best moments of Pistons games for me, and I am going to miss them. It was always fun just to see what new and wonderful ways Darko would put up zeros on the board. He was special.

Minor Hockey Notes
Canada easily handled the Italians today after toying with them for a while. No surprise there. Cherry complained about running up the scores. No surprise there. Cherry did, however, side with me and rip on the Olympic brass for removing baseball and softball from the games because they aren't played in Europe. It really is just too stupid, but no matter. Hasek went down with an injury, taking yet another country out of real contention. This isn't a good Canadian team, but the others are all so bad. Like I said before the tournament, the American team is just horrible this time, and they showed it with a tie against Latvia today. Where is Ryan Miller? It's such a joke. But at least Steve Moore is doing his best to help bring the Canadians down by picking the wrong time to yet again be the ass that he is. He really needs to give it a break at this point. No one cares anymore. You were never good, and there is a 0% chance that you would survive in the new NHL. So take your 5 minutes of fame and move on before everyone turns on you. At this point you're still relatively the good guy, I suppose. Now please just leave us all alone, it's getting ridiculous.

A Luge Tribute

In tribute to my luging friends, and courtesy of www.nbcolympics.com, following the North America medal recap will be a photo-tribute to the gold, silver and bronze medal winning German lugistas. They deserve all the accolades I can give them!

Canada – Anouk LeBlanc-Boucher, Ladies’ 500m Short Track Speed Skating, Bronze

USA – Toby Dawson, Men’s Moguls, Bronze

i'd give them a white medal. luge is awesome.

How come there's a picture from the 80's in there, ha ha ha

That second last one is.....no. Just, no.

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