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Thursday, March 23, 2006 

mattingley's matters

welcome to the first installment of "mattingley's matters". i am a well-wisher of kent macdonald in that i don't wish him any direct harm. kent has asked me to write up a weekly report on fantasy baseball. it might not actually be weekly, but i'll see what i can do.

i recently participated in a fantasy baseball live-draft (and by recently i mean back in february). it's a 12-team 5x5 league. surprisingly we actually had 6-7 people live-drafting, so it made for a much more interesting (and stressful) draft. i had the third overall pick and below is my analysis of the first five rounds of the draft (from my perspective).

round 1 - vlad guerrero over mark teixeira, johan santana, david wright, manny ramirez
going into this draft, there was only one draft position i didn't want, and that was third. it's not because i don't like vladdy, quite the opposite really, but i had him last year and i wanted to field a different team this time around. i contemplated santana with this pick (since he is a master in 5x5 leagues) as well as teixeira, but felt that the only "logical" choice was guerrero. it was a safe pick, nothing more.

round 2 - jason bay over pedro martinez, andruw jones, chone figgins
as good of a year that jason bay is bound to have, i sometimes wonder if this is going to be the pick that i wish i had back. taking two outfielders with your first two picks is rarely a good idea. sure i had the 10th pick of the second round and most of the elite infielders were taken, but this was simply "take the best available player". but like vladdy, i had bay last year. so much for my new look team!

round 3 - todd helton over carlos beltran, hank blalock, roy oswalt, derek jeter, victor martinez
did i actually say i wanted a new look team? i had helton last season, somehow managed to live through his horrific first half (by his standards), and still went back for more. i probably should have taken oswalt with this pick, as a starting pitcher with his skills is always worth having. jeter or v-mart would have also been good choices, as they are at the top of weak positions. that being said, i stand by my choice of a power hitting first baseman who plays half his games at coors field.

round 4 - francisco rodríguez over mark prior, felix hernandez, rich harden
finally a new face! rivera and lidge got taken shortly before, and i wanted to make sure that i had at least one (actual) closer. k-rod is great to have in this kind of league, and i think he'll be a fun player too. for me this was a no-brainer based on the players still on the table.

round 5 - carlos zambrano over felipe lopez, javy lopez, scott podsednik
in round 5 i figured it was time to take a starting pitcher. the elite guys had already gone, but i think that zambrano isn't far off of "elite status". not only that, but apparently it's his mission to win the cy young, and i'm willing to take a ride on his coat-tails. this pick also brought me back to my un-official strategy of "let's draft every player i had last year".

all in all, i think that i did an okay job with my first five picks. my only slight regret is the helton pick, but i think when the season is over i'll be thankful i went the way i did. until next time...

vlad over david wright was your biggest mistake. outfielders are a dime a dozen, theres only one wright!

Welcome wobby!

Looking forward to your fantasy baseball reports! Welcome Mr. Mattingly!

just dont suck as much as sports guy

What the heck? Vlad blows... should've taken Lee.

Who the heck would pick Wright 1st round draft?

Whatsup with the non-caps names... people (even celebrities) deserve at least a capital letter in their name.

I would have picked at least a SS or C for my 3rd round pick, someone like Jeter or Martinez is a solid lock for these more rare positions.

Do you have a link to your roster?

i don't know if you can link to yahoo rosters or not, but these are the guys on my team:

c - j. posada
1b - t. helton
2b - r. weeks
3b - t. glaus
ss - c. barmes
of - v. guerrero
of - j. bay
of - j. hermida
x - p. fielder
bn - j. dye
bn - a. kearns

sp - c. zambrano
sp - z. duke
rp - fr. rodriguez
rp - j. nathan
p - j. isringhausen
p - j. blanton
p - s. shields
bn - j. bonderman
bn - m. gonzalez
bn - ol. perez

i definitely have some holes, but i'd like to think that i should be able to fill them all via trades (and waiver wire transactions).

Nice Team!

Nice Cock!

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